Monday, 18 July 2016

Get Caught Reading - Summer Competition

Do you love to read during your summer holiday?
Then why not enter the FLC competition and win a prize.

You will need to get a photo of you reading somewhere unusual, different or funny.  You may be at home, at a friends house or on holiday with your family.
Entries can be printed or given to Mrs Kellingley via a memory stick. 
Entries need to be handed into the FLC by FRIDAY 16TH SEPTEMBER.

  • This competition is open to current students, new students starting in September and staff. 
  • The photo must be of yourself only and be suitable to be displayed in the FLC.
  • Any printed photos should be placed into an envelope with your name and tutor clearly written on the front.  Please indicate if you would like the photo returned.

Have a great summer and happy reading!

Monday, 11 July 2016

UCAS Personal Statment

The summer break is a great time to start thinking about planning your personal statement.  There are lots of web sites that offer help but the best place to begin is on the UCAS page.

The UCAS personal statement word limit is 47 lines (or 4000 characters) to ‘sell’ yourself to your prospective universities. This is your chance to introduce yourself and personalise your application, whilst also demonstrating your passion for the chosen course.
UCAS have a person statement tool that takes you through the process and helps you gather your information.  Have a look HERE and give it a try.
There are a few very important rules when writing your personal statement:
  • Be prepared - don't wait until the last minute as you may need to redraft a couple of times.
  • Be honest - your personal statement will be used if you are asked for an interview.
  • DO NOT COPY - be original, its your personal statement and should be about you.

The FLC has a dedicated UCAS notice board with up to date information on application dead lines.  There are also several books you can use to help you with your application.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Competition - Where in the World?

Why not have a go at the new weekly competition

Where in the World?

Each week I will place a photo on the blog homepage.  Have a guess at where you think it is by using the contact form above the photo.  Include as much detail as possible to increase your chance of winning.  Make sure to include your tutor group in the message.

There will be a small prize for the winner.

Good luck